Good Design is Good Business

Successful companies know that good visual communications is good
business. In other words, “Good Design is Good Business.”

A corporate identity is made up of a well designed logo that is applied appropriately to your companies collateral materials. It’s more than just sticking your logo on your business card, brochure or website. It’s about good design. Design that appropriately identifies what you do in a professional and memorable way.

A logo is more than just an abstract shape. It’s a visual icon that suggests or implies various attitudes about your business. Technically, the logo should be simple enough to be reproduced in many sizes and still keep its integrity and clarity. The logo should be memorable and have a timeless quality. A good designed logo is the heart of a companies identity program.

Every business needs to be well identified. Good branding is good business. It’s the glue that holds a company’s business strategy together and moves it forward. Consistent professional implementation of your brand, your identity is how and where the glue is applied. Your identity program is the system you use to send your company’s message into the marketplace.

Company identity programs are a common part of our visual and spoken language. Many companies rely on their identity programs as a signature that reflects the company’s values and hopefully will entice consumers to choose their products or services over that of the competition.

Good visual communication is the key to a successful identity program. This means combining the logo with a slogan or a set of values that represents what the company stands for or is committed too. For example, the Disney logo represents traditional family values. Other companies with successful visual communication include Pepsi, “Gotta Have It”, Coke, “It’s the real thing”, AT&T, “Reach out and touch someone”, “Got Milk, Nike, “Just Do It” and the list goes on. Successful companies know that good visual communications is good business.

Is your company’s identity professional and memorable? Does your company’s visual communications set you apart from your competition and entice consumers too choose your products or services over that of your competition? If not let’s do a one to one and discuss how to improve your identiy and visual communications.