• 80% of Your Time on the Headline

    1. Spend up to 80% of your time on the headline of a space ad or sales letter. And your e-mail subject line. (Your letter headline can often be used as the teaser copy for the envelope.) Reason? Potential customers won’t bother to read your email unless captivated by your subject line. Plus, 50% to 80% of the sales success offline of your advertising message is a direct result of your headline. That means your message loses up to 80% of its effectiveness without a strong headline! Another important reason to invest this time is that the offer’s positioning is determined by the headline theme.

  • Proper Alignment

    2. Use either “ragged” right or justified right margin for each column of copy when you create Internet copy, a letter or for a website or when you have a space ad set in type.

  • Use Ariel or Times Roman online.

    3. Use Ariel or Times Roman online. Use Courier typeface in sales letters offline. Some call it old-fashioned, but experience shows that Courier outpulls any other type style. The typewriter “me to you” look “feels” more personal and urgent.

  • Bonuses Always Increase Sales

    4. To close the deal you must create a fantastically valuable offer which is almost impossible to refuse it’s so good. Use highly saleable products as free bonus gifts. Bonuses always increase sales.

  • Use a Headline on Sales Letter

    5. Always use a headline at the top of your sales letter online or off. Never use a company logo or your name and address at the top of a sales letter. It is a “me” message and depresses response. Use a logo at the end of a letter on the last page. Exception: if you are writing to an audience who would be positively influenced by your name or credentials, e.g. a famous doctor writing to other doctors.